About Salvione Insurance Agency, Inc.

Who is Salvione Insurance? Salvione Insurance Agency started from scratch in 1981 when our founder, Joe Sr (Senior) decided to get into the insurance business. Senior was a Gloversville native, born and raised in a small house on Burlington Avenue with 6 siblings. His father was the milkman, yeah good old small town stuff. Senior at a young age was one of the best auto body mechanics in the area. He worked for local dealerships, and then moved to car sales. Upon recognition of his sales abilities, he joined his wife in the real estate company, and in 1981, you guessed it, decided to expand into insurance.

How does this benefit you? Well, today, the office is owned and managed by Joe Jr. (don’t call him Junior. Joey, Joe, anything but Junior). Joe joined his father in 1998, and has molded the company around a simple but effective philosophy: All of us here are real people. We strive to offer respect, honesty, and a competitive edge to our customers who are bewildered by the world of insurance. At Salvione Insurance, you will experience something special. Not as special as a night out without kids, but it will be better than your average boring insurance experience. Our staff has decades of experience. We rarely have staff turnover. We are a family, and we will treat you like family.

We will even give you advice about your insurance coverage you might have with someone else. (We actually will recommend people stay put if they have a good deal).

Bottom line, you can trust us to keep your most valuable items protected while not breaking the bank and becoming “insurance poor”. That is the whole concept behind “Protected by Salvione Insurance” (along with the cool looking protection guy dude). We truly have transformed the insurance buying experience from a stuffy and complicated one to a modern and friendly lighthearted one. All while maintaining the highest standards of professional service. We invite you to join our family!


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Partner Carriers

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